• Sim Ceramics unique African Sun spherical pins individually laminated from the finest porcelain and set in ethically sourced sterling silver.

Below you: the earth, gritty and rich and fertile. 
Above you: a vast and endless sky. 
You: here, now, centered between the two.

These collections were born of love: of self especially, but also of craft and beauty. When you indulge in unique jewellery pieces from Sim Ceramics you are experiencing etchings and the ancient art form of Nerikomi, ‘the layering of coloured clay’, making unpredictable and imperfect patterns.

The result is a selection of handcrafted jewellery made from the finest porcelain and ethically sourced renewable 925 sterling silver specifically designed and crafted locally. The creation of each Sim Ceramics piece supports two artists; a ceramicist and a silversmith. It is the beautiful marriage of these crafts that each piece represents.

You are invited to explore these collections: to run your fingers along its textured curves, to gaze at its careful detailing, and to allow each piece to both ground you and launch you into the cosmos.

Our hand-crafted silver accents are one of the things that make Sim Ceramics unique.


Here in South Africa, there are no dedicated silver mines. So in a bid to be as sustainable and circular as possible, we started a silver recycling programme. The wearer can return any broken pieces and we will recycle the old silver. The wearer then receives a new piece of which she or he only pays for the new silver. Broken or damaged porcelain will also be replaced free of charge.

Thus we create a circular design process, where we not only take care of our customers but also our eco-footprint.

The Botanical Collection

The Planetary Collection

The Gentlemen's Collection

Creative Coaching

As a certified consciousness coach, I am purposely changing the pathways of my neurons from a deep-seated and automatic victim mentality to a purposeful life full of creativity, abundance, kindness, gratitude, balance, integrity and mostly love for myself. As I am changing my love of self, my world around me unfolds. There’s a saying, ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’

So allow me to take you on journeys filled with creativity and curiosity to increase the power of your love, so that you may create a masterpiece of art – and then indirectly of your own life.

Please see sections on Workshops and one-on-one Coaching for more information.

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