This collection was born of love: of self especially, but also of craft and beauty.
As an artist, Simoné Meyburgh always worked on larger pieces in the past – vessels and sculptures – but in early 2018, she redirected her energy into ever smaller and smaller creations. The process of focusing her attention on the intricacy demanded of her new work brought with it introspection, a sense of homecoming, catharsis and love.

The result is a selection of handcrafted jewellery made from porcelain and sterling silver and infused with all of these traits. Its materials are no mistake. In its robustness and translucency – its earthiness and ethereality – porcelain is perfectly suited to Simoné’s collections. She makes use of etching and the Japanese art of Nerikomi, ‘the layering of coloured clay’, making unpredictable and imperfect patterns. The result is a selection of handcrafted jewellery made from the finest porcelain and ethically sourced renewable 925 sterling silver specifically designed and crafted locally.

You are invited to explore these collections: to run your fingers along its textured curves, to gaze at its careful detailing, and to allow each piece to both ground you and launch you into the cosmos.