Have you ever felt...
Like you can’t slow down your mind?
Like shaming yourself for making mistakes?
Guilty when you say no?
Questioning of your lovability and worthiness?

Withdrawn from happiness?


 Get excited, because this course was specifically designed for you!

I invite you to join me on this journey where I shall hold a space to reconnect with your beauty and unique rareness, as it's the pauses in between the notes of our life that creates the music.

that happiness is just a way of being...
finding your own voice...
finding clarity in your thoughts...
knowing that you're enough...
stepping beyond self sabotage...

connecting to your inner creator...


Together, let’s create your biggest masterpiece.



Workshop 1  |  The Pause
Workshop 2  |  Creating the Dream
Workshop 3  |  Feeling Gratitude 
Workshop 4  |  Painting Humour 
Workshop 5  |  Be Love 
Workshop 6  |  You be you while I’ll be me 

Prices and schedule available on request.
PS. No creative skills are needed for this workshop,
only your curious mind and heart. 
Additional Bonus
Individual coaching available during the course

Weekly inspiration & meditations


Through this six-lesson workshop the participants are guided on a love of self journey. We use creating jewellery & abstract painting as a metaphor for the focus on how to express ourselves, in creating our biggest masterpiece. This is more than just a masterpiece of adornment but also a masterpiece of love, creativity, and the divinity of our hearts. Leaning into our vulnerability, bravery, curiosity and playfulness as we reconnect with our core essence: love.


"Through the exploration of creativity, we fold our experiences into our being through our hands into our hearts." 

~ Brené Brown


The participants will go through a specifically designed discovery process of creating their own jewellery piece/s and artwork, to leave them feeling a sense of clarity, of belonging, and of wholeness. We focus on creating a ‘Tahiti’, the perfect environment where you can find your own voice.

We also touch on breath work creating a pause to learn how to re-set and centre ourselves before continuing.

 Everything you’re searching for is already within you; a beauty and unique rareness, so let’s fall in love with our own hearts, creating a masterpiece of them. Connect with your natural soul, so you can engage the world from a place of worthiness and create a life you love.


"Let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you are. Be imperfect and have compassion for yourself. Connection is the result of authenticity " 

~ Brené Brown



Hey, I’m Simoné

The last 10 years was challenging beyond imagination, then 4 years ago I had to move back home due to a family matter. I was so angry with the world and if I couldn’t find anyone to blame, I shamed myself. Through this, I lost the love of myself and my world around me became a mirror, until my breakdown, which became my breakthrough. I have been reacting to life instead of creating the life I wanted.
Now as a certified coach, I am purposely changing the paths of my neurons from a deep-seated and automatic victimhood to a purposeful life full of abundance, kindness, gratitude, balance, integrity and mostly love for myself. As I am changing my love of self, my world around me unfolds. There’s a saying, ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’
This is a daily challenge, but I am dedicating my life to this. To create this shift in consciousness, I would like to empower women’s inner dialogue to nourish their state of being present, so that they can return to love, and flourish. 

If this resonates with you, please feel free to mail me your details (see below) and I will be in touch with you soonest. 


Much love