Ethereal Comet Pin Studs

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Our universe is abundant with an incomprehensible diversity of celestial bodies. Some would call comets ‘wandering stars’ as they explore the night sky. Eccentric light bodies shine brightly in the cold darkness of space, ever-evolving. Looking into ourselves, we recognise our own wild spirit on an ever-evolving journey. Not always knowing our destination opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe and ourselves. Our comet pin studs encapsulate this journey of self through the cosmos. Their modern design echoes the swirls and magic of our ageless universe and brings its complexity into everyday life for a greater appreciation of our journey.

These comet pin studs are individually laminated from the finest porcelain and set with handcrafted renewable, green 925 sterling silver pin studs. The creation of each Sim Ceramics piece supports two artists; a ceramicist and a silversmith. It is the beautiful marriage of these crafts that each piece represents.

Please allow for a 3-week waiting period on all orders, due to all pieces are handcrafted.