Large Rose Petal Pins

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Throughout history, roses have symbolised boldness and romance. They are heart-stoppingly beautiful, and with such an impressive presence, the rose is bound to stir up emotions.

The large rose pins encapsulate this boldness, and symbolize an immortal love not to another but to oneself. A union between body and soul is a union too often under-appreciated. These earrings symbolize this special connection, and celebrate it with eight petals as a message of rebirth and renewal.

These large rose pins are for that extra flair, adding an extra touch of that rose-inspired boldness. Each petal is individually folded from the finest porcelain and set with a handcrafted green 925 sterling silver pin. The creation of each Sim Ceramics piece supports two artists; a ceramicist and a silversmith. It is the beautiful marriage of these crafts that each piece represents.

Please allow for a 3-week waiting period on all orders, due as all pieces are lovingly handcrafted.